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Tax notices to be mailed
Houston County Courier - May 2008

The Houston County Appraisal District is in the process of mailing 2008 reappraisal notices.  Only property owners whose values have increased will receive a reappraisal notice.

The Houston County Appraisal District is an agency supervised by the State Comptroller’s Office who mandates that all property be appraised at 100 percent of market value, which is what a property would sell for on the open market. 

The Houston County Appraisal District values are tested against current sales to check that we are appraising at 100 percent of market value. 

If  HCAD values fall outside of the State PTD confidence level, the school districts lose a large percentage of their state money.

After checking sales information in the area, land prices have continued to increase, therefore; most land values have increased for 2008. 

However, if you qualify for agricultural or timber valuation your property is taxed at the productivity valuation and not market value, therefore,  although your market value may increase significantly you  will see little or no increase in your taxes on agricultural land. 
Agricultural valuation has remained the same and timber valuation has increased slightly per the State Comptroller’s calculations.

Some house values have changed in order to get in line with like properties. 
Per the Texas Property Tax Code, homestead property can only increase by 10 percent per year; however, new improvements appraised for the first time in 2008 are not eligible for the cap.

If a property owner does not receive a notice, their property value did not increase for 2008. 

Only property owners whose values increased will receive a reappraisal notice. 
If a property owner receives a notice and they feel their value is incorrect or over market value, they should call the district to discuss their value. 

Property owners should bring in any relevant documentation such as sales comparables, pictures, or anything to substantiate their claim that the HCAD is appraising their property over market value.

After they talk or meet with the HCAD representative and they are not satisfied, they should call by Monday, June 23, to set up an appointment with the board of review.
Call Houston County Appraisal District at 544-9655 for additional information.   


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