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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - March 2009
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TNLSR auction brings in $300,000
Polk County Enterprise - March 2009
LIVNGSON —The 64th annual Trinity-Neches Livestock Show and Rodeo went off without a hitch Thursday evening. Kids from all over the county brought livestock they had been raising during the previous year to show for the judges. At auction the lower-ranking steers are brought in fi rst to establish a good base price to build upon for the champions and reserve champions. “The Trinity-Neches Livestock Show auction brought in over $300,000 this year,” Auctioneer and Livingston Mayor Clarke Evans said. “Last year, the auction made $347,000. The grand champions and the other top animals brought a little bit more, but last night we fl oored in those lower animals and the prices held pretty good.” The money raised is distributed among the entrants creating college nest eggs for many of them. “Sometimes we get focused on the money this event raises, but it’s all about teaching kids responsibility, leadership, character and other qualities that are invaluable to them the rest of their lives,” Evans said. “All my kids were in Ag. That experience of putting on rubber boots and getting out there when it’s cold and raining, and coming home after school and walking that animal ... That builds character.” There is a fi nancial reward for FFA and 4-H students who work hard with their projects. Evans said his son Andy (who is now a fi nancial planner) had $20,000 from his FFA participation. Some of the categories included chickens goats, rabbits, swine, lambs and of course cattle. Each animal category was broken down further to defi ne breeding stock and market varieties. In addition to these awards which were given by the Go Texan committee, Texas Farm Bureau sponsored Showmanship awards for those individuals who awards for those individuals who handled their animals the best during judging. Scholarships were given locally and at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Two Polk County kids received a $15,000 scholarship each from HLSR and there were thirteen $1,000 scholarship winners locally. According to the Go Texan website, to be eligible for the scholarships awarded at the HLSR, a student must reside in the Area Go Texan county which he or she seeks to represent and attend an accredited public high school (does not have to be within the specified Area Go Texan county); must graduate at the end of the spring semester immediately following scholarship award; must be a resident of the state of Texas and a citizen of the United States of America; must be ranked in the upper third of his/her graduating class; test scores must meet minimum of 1350 SAT or 19 on the ACT; and must enroll in a Texas college or university. There are no restrictions on major field of study.

The two recipients from Polk County to receive these prestigious scholarships at the HLSR are Isaias Machuca of Goodrich and Shelby Vance from Corrigan- Camden. The Polk County Area Go Texan Committee which olds fundraisers throughout the year gave away the remaining thirteen $1,000 scholarships. They also sponsor the belt buckles and the buyer’s barbecue dinner to close out the show. Committee members include Billy Sol Wiggins, Bob Jewel, Milt Purvis, Roger Weigreff, Cliff Kellett, Lynda Evans, Brandon Pipes, Arthur Eaton, Wade Overstreet, Stevie Wilson, Jay Clarke, Greg Pearson, Martha Wright and Toby Hicks.

This year’s scholarship recipients are: Taylor Phillips – Big Sandy FFA, Jason Dean – Big Sandy FFA, Edward Jones – Big Sandy FFA, Kaleb McLaurin – Big Sandy FFA, Heather Tucker – Livingston FFA, Stephen Smith – Livingston FFA, Macye Taylor – Livingston FFA, Chelsea Weisinger – Livingston FFA and 4-H, Ginger Baker – Livingston FFA, Jarrod Taylor – Corrigan Camden FFA, William Owens IV – Corrigan Camden FFA, Roy Hopson – Corrigan Camden FFA, Shelby Gonzalez – Corrigan Camden FFA. The J E Seamans Scholarship is a memorial scholarship awarded each year in the memory of the Trinity-Neches Livestock Show founder J E Seamans who was an Agricultural instructor in Livingston.

The first show included only a few boys. This year’s winner is Roy Thompson – Corrigan FFA. He will receive at least $500 to put toward his college education. The winners in the various categories are as follows:

Go-Texan Grands and Reserves:
Meat Pen Rabbits: Grand Champion: Allie Brown - Livingston 4- H, Reserve Champion: Sean Ekloff - Livingston 4-H

Meat Goats: Grand Champion: Landon Parker - Livingston 4-H, Reserve Champion: Colton Dewberry - Corrigan FFA

Broilers: Grand Champion: Johanna Johnson - Leggett 4-H, Reserve Champion: Kendall Laird - Leggett FFA

Market Swine: Grand Champion: Matt Hubbard - Corrigan FFA, Reserve Champion: Dalton Vandiver - Livingston FFA

Breeding Swine: Grand Champion: Cara Leslie - Livingston 4-H, Reserve Champion: Kayla Franklin - Livingston FFA

Breeding Beef Cattle: Grand Champion: Bo David Williford - Central FFA, Reserve Champion: Mathew Greenwood - Tyler County 4-H

Market Lambs: Grand Champion: Steven Harbuck - Big Sandy 4-H, Reserve Champion: Cole Stanford - Livingston 4-H

Commercial Heifers: Grand Champion: Caitlyn Warren - Livingston 4-H, Reserve Champion: William Owens - Corrigan FFA

Market Steers: Grand Champion: Matt Hubbard - Corrigan FFA Reserve Champion: Bryan Butler - Livingston FFA Farm Bureau Showmanship

Meat Goat: Junior: 1st Place: Landon Parker - Livingston 4-H, 2nd Place: Lacey David - Big Sandy 4-H Senior: 1st Place: Chelsea Otwell- Corrigan FFA, 2nd Place: Kailee Hart - Big Sandy FFA

Market Swine: Junior: 1st Place: Jacy Hubbard - Corrigan FFA, 2nd Place: Clayton Owens - Corrigan FFA Senior: 1st Place: Joey Hearren - Livingston 4-H, 2nd Place: Matt Hubbard - Corrigan FFA

Market Lambs: Junior: 1st Place: Steven Harbuck - Big Sandy 4-H, 2nd Place: Cole Stanford - Livingston 4-H Senior: 1st Place: Chelsea Otwel1- Corrigan FFA, 2nd Place: Colton Dewberry - Corrigan FFA

Commercial Heifers: Junior: 1st Place: Cody Ross - Livingston 4-H, 2nd Place: Blaine Tolar - Big Sandy 4-H Senior: 1st Place: Misty J.ones - Livingston 4-H, 2nd Place: Timbre Cox - Big Sandy FFA

Market Steers: Junior: 1st Place: Emily Malone - Livingston 4-H, 2nd Place: Blaine Tolar - Big Sandy 4-H Senior: 1st Place: Kailee Hart - Big Sandy FFA, 2nd Place: Matt Hubbard - Corrigan FFA

Non Go-Texan Grands and Reserves
Steer Rate of Gain - 1st Place - Mathew Hubbard - Corrigan FFA (3.65 pounds per day), 2nd Place - Robbie Crawley - Onalaska FFA (3.47 pounds per day)

Breeding Rabbits- Grand Champion Doe - Alyssa Handley - Livingston 4-H, Reserve Champion Doe - Landon Smith - Livingston 4-H, Grand Champion Buck - Landon Smith - Livingston 4-H, Reserve Champion Buck - Faith Rodriguez - Big Sandy 4-H

Rabbit Showmanship - 1st Place - Chelsea Weisinger - Livingston FFA, 2nd Place - Alyssa Handley - Livingston 4-H

Production Poultry - Grand Champion - Joli Timm - Livingston 4-H, Reserve Champion - Hayden Stephens - Big Sandy 4-H

County Bred Awards 2009 (1st $1,000, 2nd $500, 3rd $250) These awards are for highest placing in steers and heifers that were locally bred.

Market Steers- 1st Place - Justin Pulley - Livingston FFA, 2nd Place - Kyle Thomas Chandler - Corrigan FFA, 3rd Place - Chelsea Weisinger - Livingston 4-H

Commercial Heifers - 1st Place - Dakota Smith - Corrigan FFA, 2nd Place - Rose Buffington - Livingston 4-H, 3rd Place - Joey Johnson - Leggett FFA


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