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Stories Added - April 2010
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City holds funds for sewer project

Polk County Enterprise


LIVINGSTON — City Council members voted to withhold the final payment to contractors for a recent wastewater treatment plant project because of a dispute with subcontractors. City Manager Marilyn Sutton told the council the decanter repair project by McKinney & McMillian was “excellent.” “We’re very well pleased with the work, but there is a payment dispute between the contractor and a subcontractor,” Sutton said. City Attorney Gaffney Phillips briefed the council on ramifications of the dispute. Although a performance and payment bond is in place, it is not the sole remedy available to the subcontractor, should his claim have merit. In this case, the subcontractor may not have performed all of its obligations to the contractors satisfaction, Phillips said. Phillips said she must advise the council to withhold the final payment of $64,469.50 until the city is notified the dispute has been settled, or the contractor obtains a conditional payment bond which would release the city from any further involvement in the dispute. City officials voted to withhold payment pending resolution of the dispute. The council also voted to approve predisaster contracts with three debris removal companies after bids for one year and five year contracts were received and evaluated. SRS, AshBritt Inc. and TFR were ranked first, second and third and will be summoned in that order should a disaster strike the City of Livingston that required their services. The contract specifies that the firms have certificates of insurance in place and respond within 24 hours of being given notice. Sutton said city staff will sit down and make more detailed plans for various scenarios with each firm prior to hurricane season. The council also approved an interlocal agreement with the Livingston Independent School District to drill a well to provide irrigation water for athletic fields at the new high school campus. Sutton said engineers for LISD estimated water usage at about 12 million gallons for irrigation and 6.5 million gallons a year for other “domestic” water usage. Sutton recommended the council approve the agreement since the peak demand will come during hot, dry summer months. The demand created by the new campus will already be quite large, according to Sutton. Currently, water use at all LISD campuses is about 13.5 million gallons. Sutton also said by using wells to supply those irrigation news ensures the city will have an adequate supply to meet domestic water needs at other businesses.


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