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Taliban shrapnel wound sends Cochran home to recuperate
Polk County Enterprise - August 2008

LIVINGSTON — Beaux Cochran, a 21-year-old Marine Lance Corporal, is home on 30 days of convalescent leave after taking shrapnel in the right leg during intense fi refi ghting in Afghanistan. Cochran is an assaultman with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment and is responsible for breaching urban strongholds with demolitions. Cochran said his company was split into separate forward operating bases, or FOBs, and was eight hours away from the nearest base. The company wound up in a heavy fi refi ght with the Taliban who were fi ring rocket propelled grenades. Two members of Cochran’s squad were already wounded when he took shrapnel in his right leg. Cochran didn’t think his injuries were very serious so the squad kept clearing out the enemy compound. “We kept pushing our objective,” said Cochran.

“We did what we were there to do.” When the squad made it back to the FOB, Cochran was medivaced via helicopter to a camp in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. From there Cochran went to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, then on to Germany, Washington D.C. and finally San Diego before coming home this week. Cochran said he has always wanted to go into the service. “With a war going on I just wanted to serve my country and see combat,” he said. Cochran went to Basic Training in San Diego, Calif. and was shipped out to Iraq in January 2007. Cochran returned to Twentynine Palms, Calif. where he was stationed with other local heroes Sean Ellis and Riley Ellinwood. Cochran was sent to Afghanistan in April 2008 and after a relatively calm tour in Iraq didn’t expect the heavy fighting that is taking place there. “Iraq is pretty much done. We did great things in Iraq,” said Cochran. “But in Afghanistan there is no help from the Afghani police. We need to put more emphasis on Afghanistan. We’ve been there longer than Iraq but there aren’t that many troops there.” Cochran, who is the son of Kenneth and Charlotte Myrow, will turn 22 Aug. 16. His wife Kelly and sister Rusti are glad to have him home for awhile. “I just want to say one last thing,” said Cochran. “The Marines are doing great jobs over there.”



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