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Livingston hosts meeting with highway developers
Polk County Enterprise - August 2008

LIVINGSTON — After a meeting with designers of the I-69 corridor, County Judge John Thompson is convinced that the highway changes in Polk County will take place on existing highway right-ofway. Thompson hosted a meeting between Zachry American.ACS Infrastructure and area government and business offi cials to discuss the route of I-69 through East Texas. The Texas Department of Transportation selected Zachry/ACS as the developer of the Texas portion of the I-69 on June 26. The only other company to submit a proposal to TxDOT was Bluebonnet Infrastructure Investors. Zachry/ACS designers, including Gary Kuhn who attended the Livingston meeting Wednesday, will travel up and down U.S. 59, 77 and 281 to meet with local elected offi cials and economic developers to assess local concerns about the highway development, Thompson said. “This is the fi rst of hopefully many opportunities that local offi - cials will have to work the Zachry designers. Thompson said designers are convinced that in the majority of the areas along U.S. 59 to be widened or otherwise upgraded there is plenty of room in the median or other portions of the right-of-way to accommodate the changes. Thompson added that Kelly Ritch will serve as a local representative on a local segment committee There are some right-of-way acquisitions planned for bypass projects that have already been approved in Corrigan, Diboll, Lufkin and Nacogdoches. Wednesday’s meeting also included representatives from community along U.S. 190 where a feasibility study is under way to determine the best methods for handling the ever-growing traffi c fl ow. Thompson said a $2.5 million feasibility study is under way to determine roadway needs that would connect Forts Polk, Hood and Bliss to ports in Corpus Christi, Houston and Beaumont.


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