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Woman found not guilty of courthouse assault charge
Polk County Enterprise - August 2008

LIVINGSTON — A former area resident was found not guilty of assault on a public service by a Polk County jury on Aug. 6. Dorothy Cathleen Spurlock, formerly of Onalaska (now Dorothy Cathleen Adams of Conroe) had been charged with the offense in connection with an incident in November 2006 at the Polk County courthouse. Adams and her adult son had come to the courthouse after learning that the son’s estranged wife was seeking a protective order and sole custody of the couple’s 15 month old child. Adams said the child’s mother had been in training with the Army and had only been able to see the child fi ve times in the preceding year. “She was in training in Arizona and was about to be stationed in Georgia and had come home for the holidays,” Adams said. “We were afraid she was taking the baby away from the only people he had known.” The couple was in the process of obtaining a divorce and had joint custody of the child, but the fi nal hearing had been delayed and the mother was seeking a protective order in the offi ce of Crime Victim Coordinator Sherry Sprayberry. Adams took the baby from the mother and she and her son left the building. Sprayberry and other city and county offi cials and police offi cers intervened when the baby’s father was attempting to drive away from the courthouse with the infant sitting in the father’s lap, unrestrained, behind the steering wheel. Sprayberry suffered minor injuries and the baby’s father is currently serving a one-year sentence in a state jail for his role in the incident. In a recent interview Adams said jurors told her they reached the not guilty verdict based on testimony from Adams’ estranged daughter-in-law about the incident. “She told the truth and that’s who the jurors’ believed,” Adams said. Huntsville attorney Kelly Weeks was appointed special prosecutor since many staff members in the district attorney’s offi ce were potential witnesses in the case. Livingston attorney Tom Brown represented Adams.


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