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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - August 2009
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Game wardens investigate recent killing of 2 alligators in lake area
Polk County Enterprise - August 2009

LIVINGSTON — Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens have charged two Polk County men with illegally killing an alligator below the Lake Livingston Dam and are investigating another case in the Kickapoo Creek area where an alligator was shot after being spotted in a popular swimming area. David Allen Carter was charged with taking an alligator in closed season in Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace David G. Johnson’s court on Aug. 5. The same charge was filed against William Dolph Sadler III on Aug. 10. At press time Wednesday, records were unclear as to which of the two recent incidents resulted in Carter and Sadler being charged. According to a news report posted on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, Polk County game wardens received a tip about an alligator killed illegally while they checked fishermen in the Trinity River below the dam on July 25. They patrolled a short distance to a campground and found a discarded alligator carcass that was missing the tail. A short interview and quick search around a nearby bowfishing campsite yielded the alligator tail and two suspects, the report said. The suspects admitted to killing the alligator in closed season without a permit. Cases and civil restitution on a 5.5 foot alligator are pending. Although the report did not identify the officers, currently only two game wardens are assigned to Polk County, Ryan Hall and David E. Johnson. In an interview Tuesday, Hall said he and his partner have recently handled several cases of illegally taken alligators. Hall said an investigation is under way into an alligator killed in Kickapoo Creek, a natural habitat for alligators on the upper end of Lake Livingston. Hall said he spoke with someone who had seen the alligator and he advised them to get the kids out of the water, find a new place to swim and leave the alligator alone. However, someone shot the alligator and allowed it to sink into the creek, according to Hall. “It wasn’t attacking anyone. It wasn’t an issue of someone protecting their family. It had been seen in a swimming area and contractors had been notified to relocate it,” Hall said. “A lot of people don’t like alligators, but they are protected and we have to be careful about how we handle them,” Hall said. TP&W works with private contractors who either relocate alligators that come in contact with humans or sell them to alligator farms. In cases where large gators are posing an imminent threat to humans, game wardens may euthanize them. An 800-plus pound alligator was shot, legally, near Victoria by an El Campo-based alligator hunter July 15 after it could not be relocated. Hall urges residents and visitors alike not to take matters into their own hands when they come across the large reptiles. “Restitution is very expensive. It’s based on the value of the animal and an alligator is going to be much more expensive than a deer,” Hall said. Callers can report game violations by calling Texas Parks and Wildlife toll-free at 800- 792-4263 or by calling the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at 926- 327-6810. For more information, download TPWD’s publication “Alligators in Texas” at http://www.tpwd.state. tx.us/regulations/


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