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Motorists advised to use caution in school zones


LIVINGSTON — Classesresume for Polk Countyschool districts Monday andall area law enforcementagencies have assigned extraofficers to monitor trafficto ensure reduced speedlimits in school zones areobserved.Motorists should be particularlycareful around busstops as children will beexcited about the first day ofclass and likely unfamiliarwith the bus stop and routine.Approach any bus stopwith caution and do not passany bus while it is loadingor unloading.Officials with theTexas Department ofTransportation (TxDOT) advisedlast week that work onthe signals at FM 350 Southand U.S. 190 has been completed,but since motoristsare unfamiliar with the timingof that signal, approachthe intersection with caution.The left turn from U.S.190 onto FM 350 southis protected and has beenmodified to allow for thechanges in traffic flow resultedfrom the new highschool campus.Motorists should use cautionuntil young drivers getaccustomed to their newroutine over the next fewdays.Law enforcement agenciesalready have implementedincreased enforcementthrough the LaborDay enforcement to protectmotorists from intoxicateddrivers as part of TxDOT’sannual DWI Crackdown,but those efforts will increaseover the next week.


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