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County to consider tax abatement for Emergency Hospitals of Texas


LIVINGSTON — PolkCounty Commissioners willconsider the whether applicationfor a tax abatementby Emergency Hospitals ofTexas PLLC meets eligibilityrequirements during a meetingset for 10 a.m. Monday inthe third floor commissionerscourtroom of the Polk CountyCourthouse.That meeting follows apublic hearing on the proposed2012 tax rate set to beginat 9:30 a.m. Monday.The proposed rate of 62.77cents per $100 of value is thesame rate assessed for thepreceding five years.According to notices postedby county officials, the averagehomestead in PolkCounty last year was valuedat $85,477, which resulted ina tax bill of $536.54 assessedby the county.This year the average residencehomestead is $87,596,and if the proposed rate is adoptedif would result in a taxbill on the “average” home of$549.84.Taxpayers should have alreadyreceived a notice of appraisalfrom the Polk CentralAppraisal and should alreadybe aware of any change invalue on their property sincelast year so they can maketheir own calculations.A second hearing is set for4 p.m. Sept. 4 and a hearingon the county budget will beheld Sept. 11.During the regularmeeting set for 10 a.m.Commissioners will recognizeCounty Treasurer NolaReneau for her service to thecounty with a resolution.Reneau formally tenderedher resignation at thelast session and commissionerswill consider makingan appointment to fillthe vacancy left by her retirementfor the remainderof her term.The court also will considera report from the reviewcommittee to selecta construction manager atrisk for the Texas HistoricalCommission EmergencyGrant for Rehabilitationand Restoration of theCourthouse.The main focus of the grantis relocation of the oftenmalfunctioning courthouseelevator to within the originalfootprint of the building.


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