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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - December 2008
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y Publishing Company

City, county officials seize Colita Street properties
Polk County Enterprise - December 2008
LIVINGSTON — After a nearly two-year operation, two Colita Street lots have been seized in District Court and awarded to the Livingston Police Department to put an end to the almost constant narcotics and illegal weapon sales that have gone on there. The Livingston Police Department in conjunction with several other community leaders contacted the Texas Department of Public Safety Narcotics Division, the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau and the U. S. Attorney’s offi ce in Lufkin in an effort to combat the illegal narcotics distribution that was going on in the 1100 block of Colita. In August 2006, undercover DPS narcotics offi cers and ATF agents working with local offi cers began the investigation in the city of Livingston, said Lt. Matt Parrish, LPD spokesman. “The goal of the operation was to target mid-level and above narcotics dealers who were also engaged in the sale of street-level fi rearms,” Parrish said. “The investigation continued well into mid-2007 when several individuals were indicted by a federal grand jury charging them with distributing narcotics and illegal fi rearms in Livingston,” Parrish said. These individuals were arrested and taken to a federal holding facility to await trial, Parrish said. “From this investigation and with the prior citizen complaints, the Livingston Police Department met with Polk County District Attorney Lee Hon and filed documents in district court for the seizure of the properties at 1114 and 1116 Colita Street. On Nov. 12, 2008 a seizure hearing was held in Judge Robert Hill Trapp’s 411th District Court and the property was awarded to the police department. “We want to thank all the agencies involved in this lengthy but worthwhile investigation,” Parrish added.


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