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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - December 2008
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Jury finds fatal shooting was self defense
Polk County Enterprise - December 2008
LUFKIN — Kurtis Glover, 23, of Livingston died from a gunshot wound to the head Sept. 13, 2007 during a disturbance that broke out a house party in Huntington. The shooter, 27-year-old Wesley Tudor was found not guilty by an Angelina County jury Monday. Tudor had left the party at a residence off U.S. 69 just south of Huntington after his cousin was beaten up. He believed that Glover and his friends were responsible for the cousins’ injuries, according to reports in the Lufkin Daily News. Several witnesses gave confl icting stories during the trial. After Tudor described the incident to his grandmother, she and Tudor returned to the Huntington residence. Tudor testifi ed that he pulled out a gun from the center console of his grandmother’s truck, which he had been driving that night, after Glover reached through the window and hit him in the face. He fi red the fatal shot that hit Glover between the eyes. Dale Summa, assistant district attorney for Angelina County, said in closing arguments that the blow that knocked a tooth out of Tudor’s mouth came after the gunshot, the Lufkin newspaper report said. Tudor’s aunt testified during the case that it was her idea to return to the party, not Tudor’s. The woman testifi ed she does not have a driver’s license or a car, and she was worried after he did not return after the fi ght. She wanted to confront the men involved in the fi ght in an effort to fi nd her son. She got out of the truck, she said, to confront Glover and got into a verbal argument with him and several other men. She said she shouted at Tudor to leave as the situation escalated, but he did not hear her. The aunt said the men walked passed her and charged toward Tudor’s truck and Glover leaned his head into the truck, words were exchanged and then she heard a gunshot. Glover’s cousin offered a different version of the events. He said he was one of the men that walked toward Tudor’s truck and they wanted to ask him to leave after he shouted he was “going to shoot everyone here.” A group of men pulled Tudor out of the truck and severely beat him shortly after the shooting, Summa said. Tudor’s defense attorney said that the men approached the truck and delivered the fi rst blows, which caused him to use deadly force. “My client was dealing with a pack of violent men,” Defense attorney Ryan Deaton said. “I find it hard to believe that the state doesn’t think a serious altercation occurred before the gunshot. When the verdict was read, tears flowed on both sides of the courtroom. “Regardless of the verdict, this is a tragedy,” said District Judge Paul White. “You need to make sure that the circumstances that caused this situation never happen again. I think we are all victims in this case.”


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