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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - February 2009
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Pedophile gets 25-year no parole sentence
Polk County Enterprise - February 2009
LIVINGSTON — Ricky Lynn Moore, 34, of Livingston pleaded no contest to two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child contained in two separate indictments, Polk County District Attorney Lee Hon said Wednesday. Moore received two 25-year sentences in exchange for the plea which spared his victims — who are now 6 and 10 years old — from having to take the witness stand and give detailed descriptions of the incidents. Hon added that one of the indictments was handed down for the aggravated sexual assault of a child that occurred June 17, 2008. The victim was 5 years old. Since this incident occurred after the Texas Legislature enacted Jessica’s Law (H.B. 8) which denies parole to any sex offender that victimizes a child younger than 6. That change in state law means that Moore will be at least 59 years old when he is released from prison and will be subject to lifetime registration as a sex offender. Moore was also indicted for an incident that occurred in December 2006 against a family member who was 6 years of age at the time. Moore also had been charged with indecency with a child in August 2008. In all of these incidents the victims were female children. “Moore probably would have got a life sentence if we went to trial,” Hon said. “The victims were so young that it was desirable to keep them from testifying if possible. The “no parole” aspect made it extremely attractive, Hon added. “Another child molester is off the streets of Polk County,” Hon said. Three of the offenses occurred in Moore’s house, according to Hon. Another victim was the child of a friend. “What was frustrating about these cases was that two cases were originally no-billed by the grand jury and not pursued because there wasn’t a lot of physical evidence,” Hon said. Advocates for victims of sexual assault say young children tend to delay reporting a sexual assault, especially since they are too young to understand that what happened to them is a crime. During that delay between the incident and the victim’s outcry much of the physical evidence is destroyed. “When the incident occurred in 2008, we went back and revisited the older case,” Hon said. “At that point we were more confident in the new cases as well as that earlier case.” “We can’t fault the grand jury. They were playing with the hands they were dealt, but hindsight is 20-20,” Hon said.


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