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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - February 2009
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County jail passes state inspection
Polk County Enterprise - February 2009
LIVINGSTON — Sheriff Kenneth Hammack announced Wednesday that the county jail passed its annual inspection by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards Feb. 12. The state agency sets rules and procedures establishing minimum standards for the construction, maintenance and operation of county jails. Those standards prescribe procedures for the custody, care and treatment of prisoners; the number of jail supervisory personnel and for the programs and services to meet the needs of prisoners. The Commission also provides consultation and technical assistance to local officials; reviews and comments on plans for the construction and major modifications or renovations of jails and performs an annual juvenile justice survey to determine that juveniles have been removed from county jails. The commission also inspects county jails to assure compliance with standards, and reviews reports submitted by county sheriffs. When the commission finds where minimum standards have not been met, the agency will set a time period to have the situation corrected. When a jail has been found in noncompliance and the situation has not been corrected the commission has the authority to shut down a jail and have its prisoners moved to an acceptable facility which would be a substantial cost to the taxpayers. Hammack credited the passing of the annual inspection to the hard work of the administration and staff of the Polk County Jail.


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