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Stories Added - January 2010
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5 charged for church break-ins

Polk County Enterprise - January 2010


LIVINGSTON — Footprints found at the scene of the burglary of a home on Liberty Monday led Livingston police to suspects in five church break-ins as well. Detective Leon Middleton said Officers Chad Ward and Marty Drake responded to the initial call when the forced entry into the residence was discovered Monday and found footprints leading away from the home. Ward, Drake and other patrol officers tracked the footprints to a nearby residence. “Two juveniles at that house were interviewed by Lt. Matt Parrish and I then one thing led to another,” Middleton said. Stolen property was recovered from an abandoned house in the area near the burglarized house. “Those two juveniles had knowledge of the numerous church break-ins that have occurred around the Christmas holidays,” Middleton said. Both juveniles were detained for burglary of habitation. Two other juveniles have been taken into custody since Monday and a third is expected to be detained soon, according to Middleton. Two adults are also charged with burglary of a building in connection the spate of break-ins. Darius Doyle, 17, and Anthony Galindo, 18, both of Livingston are in the Polk County jail, Middleton said. “All of these boys are associated with one other and different boys did different burglaries,” Middleton said. After the burglary Monday night, Sgt. Lewis Milner, Kevin Blackburn, Ward and Drake went house to house in the C Pratt subdivision located behind the First Baptist Church sanctuary on Colt Road. The search uncovered additional footprints leading out of the sanctuary into the subdivision. Shoeprints had been found at the scene of other burglaries and the suspects were located wearing those shoes. LPD is still processing evidence collected during the investigation. Middleton recovered additional stolen property from a residence in Houston Friday. Other stolen items were found at two homes in Livingston. The arrests clear five recent church burglaries, a break-in at a private school located adjacent to a church as well as Monday’s burglary of a habitation. “The entire patrol division really gets credit for clearing all these burglaries, “Middleton said. “It was definitely a group effort and we made use of our school resource officers Marty Drake and Chad Lilley while school was out for the holidays.”


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