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Aide at private school jailed for sex with 15-year-old
Polk County Enterprise - July 2008

LIVINGSTON — The father of a student at Living Christ Academy called sheriff’s deputies June 20 and reported that an aide at the school had sex with his son 30 or more times between March and June 20 of this year. Deputy Mike Nettles took the initial complaint on June 27 and notifi ed Lt. Craig Finegan of the string of incidents. Affi davits fi led in connection with the case show that Felicia Edwards, 25, had been giving the male student a ride from school to his home. She took along a 15-year-old female student who drove the vehicle while Edwards and the victim had sex in the back seat, according to affi davits fi led in connection with the investigation. Edwards is married and has three children. She had been taking classes and working as a teacher’s aide at the Denham Street school, according to owner Delores Runyons.

In an interview Thursday, Runyons said she had met with parents twice because she was concerned that a “crush” may have escalated into inappropriate behavior. Runyons said the parents didn’t believe that Edwards or their son would do anything like that. A parent signed a permission slip authorizing Edwards to continue to transport the son. Runyons is adamant that nothing inappropriate took place on campus. Parents of other students at the private school say the teenage girl — who reportedly was driving the Expedition under duress— had told others about the sexual contact, but other students did not believe her. The resulting tension among students caused the girl to have some serious anger issues, one parent said. In April, Runyons said she talked with Edwards about what she perceived as a crush between a student and teacher.

Edwards’ sister-in-law eventually got a confession that was tape recorded without Edwards’ knowledge, according to Runyons. The sister-in-law notifi ed Runyons that Edwards had confessed and the tape was turned over to law enforcement offi cers. Living Christ Academy has 20 students that range in age from 3 to 17 years old, Runyons said. There are two teachers assigned to supervise the students. They are certifi ed by Accelerated Christian Education. ACE Ministries of Nashville, Tenn. provides curriculum materials to many private Christian schools.

They have a distribution center in Lewisville. The company’s website says that no special training is needed to use the curriculum at home or in private schools. Runyons said she doesn’t know why she allowed Edwards to remain on campus after she began to be suspicious. “I really don’t know,” Runyons said. “The things I saw and thought —what I can control here I can control.” She believed the problems stemmed from the fact that the victim and the student who drove during these incidents were mad at each other. Edwards was arrested on June 27 and released after posting bail of $10,000.


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