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LVFD pleas to citizens
Polk County Enterprise - July 2008

LIVINGSTON — Two simultaneous calls to the Livingston Volunteer Fire Department Friday night illustrated the need for property owners to notify the department covering their area when they ignite brush or other debris fi res. At about 10 p.m. LVFD fi refi ghters were sent to a fi re in Oak Terrace. The caller told the dispatcher that they could not determine whether it was a structure fi re or not, so several trucks and men responded. While en route to this fi re, dispatcher Ann Milner received a second call from another lake area subdivision that also was reported as unknown.

The responding fi refi ghters split into two groups to handle the calls. One of the reports had been transferred from San Jacinto County through the Polk County Sheriff’s Offi ce and details on the location were sketchy. When the fi re was located, the property owner said it was a controlled burn and the man was watching the fi re and using a water hose to put out any stray sparks. Firefi ghters at the second fi re scene reported in that it too was a controlled burn of a dilapidated structure. “This is an excellent example of why we need property owners to warn us when they are burning brush or debris,” Livingston Fire Chief Corky Cochran said. “These were both totally unnecessary calls and it put many fi refi ghters and citizens in harm’s way.” Cochran said traffi c was heavy when the calls came in since many motorists were returning to Livingston from the fireworks show in Onalaska. Radio traffic indicated that the fire trucks were having to dodge youngster who were igniting their own fireworks in the roadway as well as the traffic.

“With the high cost of fuel, responding to those unnecessary calls created a lot of expense for the department,” Cochran said. Immediately after the two brush fires, firemen were asked to assist two elderly women on FM 350 who reported a snake in their home. Cochran said the snake had entered through a small crack in the baseboard and had apparently left through that small opening prior to their arrival. Cochran was thankful that the fireworks and the dry conditions had not combined to cause a serious fire as of Saturday morning. A brief wind event Friday afternoon prompted a call to the fire department when a large tree fell on a car on North Beatty Street near Feagin. The falling tree snagged a power line and knocked out electricity to neighboring houses, according to Cochran. City police and electric crews were able to respond quickly and put things back together, he added.


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