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TRA plant troubles put city under drought plan


LIVINGSTON — The City of Livingston implemented Stage 5 (the most severe level) of its Drought Contingency Plan Tuesday morning which bans all nonessential use of water. Due to clarifier problems at the Trinity water treatment plant, water production was interrupted for about six hours, according to the statement issued by the city’s Code Red emergency communication system. “Absolutely no irrigation of landscaped areas is allowed during this water emergency,” the alert read. City Manager Marilyn Sutton said water usage levels showed customers were complying. Until the problem is corrected, the city will be limited to the water stored in elevated and ground storage tanks within the city’s distribution system. The city planned to notify customers through the Code Red system when the emergency shortage condition no longer exists sometime Wednesday. Recent average daily usage has been about a million gallons per day higher than the same period last year, Sutton added. She expected water customers might see some decrease in pressure before the water treatment plant was able to restore the depleted supplies in storage tanks in the city as well as the Polunsky prison unit and IAH Adult Secure Detention Facility. Local residents who would like to register to receive Code RED alerts from city hall, can complete a form available there or on the city’s website at www.cityoflivingston-tx.com. In case of an emergency, the automated system dials all registered landline and mobile numbers and plays a record message. Sutton said city employees also made individual calls to health care providers and other large water users that serve fragile populations.


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