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2 ‘most wanted’ fugitives captured
Polk County Enterprise - June 2008

LIVINGSTON — Two fugitives from the Polk County Crime Stoppers eight most wanted fugitive list have been located and recaptured, according to the Polk C o u n t y D i s t r i c t Attorney’s Offi ce. T h o m a s S a m p s o n Jr., who is accused of s e x u a l l y assaulting a child in October 2003, was indicted by a Polk County Grand Jury in April 2004. In January 2008, Sampson and his co-defendant Latisha Mae Thebeau were listed on a Polk County Crime Stoppers Most Wanted Poster. Thebeau has since been arrested on a charge of sexual assault of a child. During the month of May, Det.

Raymond Lofton of the Polk County Sheriff’s Offi ce received information that Sampson was working at a Wal-Mart in the I-45 area near Conroe. On June 4, investigators with the Polk County District Attorney’s offi ce were able determined that Sampson was employed at a Wal-Mart in The Woodlands. While speaking with Wal-Mart management, investigators learned that Sampson was working that day. Investigators contacted the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Offi ce and Deputy Sgt. Fitzgerald along with fi ve other Montgomery County Deputies took Sampson into custody without incident.

David L. Wright was listed on the eight most wanted list for Aggravated Assault Causing Serious Bodily Injury for an incident that occurred in 2002 and a bailjumping charge in 2003. Wright was indicted by a Polk County Grand Jury in 2003 on both charges. In 2004 David Wright was arrested in Shelby County, Tenn. and was released by accident from Shelby County Jail and has been able to elude law enforcement for four years until now, according to a statement from the District Attorney’s offi ce. On June 4, Wright was captured by the Illinois State Police when he was identifi ed by offi cers on a child custody call for assistance. Wright is awaiting extradition back to Polk County, Texas from Illinois.


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