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LISD to discuss financial plans to issue first round of bonds
Polk County Enterprise - June 2008

LIVINGSTON — Trustees for Livingston Independent will tackle the fi rst in a long line of decisions related to construction of a new high school campus and other renovations approved by voters in May. Details on those plans will be discussed during the board’s monthly meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Administration Building at 1412 South Houston Street in Livingston. The board will hear reports from fi nancial adviser Doug Witt and review plans for fi - nancing construction as well as a schedule for issuing the fi rst installment of bonds through Southwest Securities.

Trustees will also hear reports from architect Kevin Smith and construction manager Jim Kingham during Monday’s meeting. A Memorial List of Honor containing the names and graduation dates of many former Livingston High School students who made the supreme sacrifi ce during World War II will be presented to the board Monday as well. Livingston High School alumni and retired Air Force Colonel Cannon Pritchard prepared the list from surviving records in newspapers, the Polk County Memorial Museum and friends and relatives of the military personnel.

Pritchard’s efforts are focusing on preserving records of these brave men and women since many archive fi les on local veterans are missing or unavailable. Many World War II service records were destroyed when the U.S. Military Record Center in St. Louis burned in 1973. Trustees also will receive information on concessions and restroom buildings located at the football fi eld during Monday’s meeting.

LISD officials will also consider approval of the following:

• Proposal for transportation employee physicals and drug testing.

• Proposal for property insurance.

• Sale of property acquired by Sheriff’s seizure. • Student overnight trip(s).

• Quarterly investment report.

• Update of Microsoft product licensing.

• Changing vacation schedule for 226 day employees.

• Closed meeting to consult with attorney, discuss real property transactions, confer with employees, discuss security issues, discuss disciplinary actions involving students or employees, or investigation. The board will reconvene in open session to vote on any matters discussed during closed session.

The board will consider approval of the purchase of real property. The superintendent will notify trustees of resignations or hiring of auxiliary personnel. Trustees will consider hiring


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