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Onalaska announces details of 2008 July 4th fireworks show
Polk County Enterprise - June 2008

ONALASKA — Organizers for the world-famous City of Onalaska annual fi reworks display are set to light up the sky above the Lake Livingston Causeway at about 9 to 9:30 p.m. Bus service will be provided from First Baptist Church and the old Food Basket store to the viewing area inside the Lakeside Resort located on Highway 190 just before motorists cross the big bridge into San Jacinto County. Viewers are encouraged to bring chairs and fi nd a seat on any of several concrete pads at the resort. No cars will be permitted in the resort area. Fireworks will begin at sundown, which will occur between 9 and 9:30 p.m. depending on cloud conditions.

The pyrotechnic show will be set off from a barge located just offshore from the Lakeside Resort dock. Boaters in the area must stay clear of the barge while the show is under way. Donations are needed to help cover expenses of this extremely popular event. Send contributions to PO Box 880, Onalaska, Texas 77360 to ensure this show continues each year. Don’t wait until July 4 to have a hot time in Onalaska, though. Come on out and Get Hooked on Onalaska.


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