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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - March 2009
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Police seeing rash of counterfeit $20 bills
Polk County Enterprise - March 2009
LIVINGSTON — The Livingston Police Department is urging area businesses to be alert for bogus $20 bills after several local fast food restaurants have received counterfeit bills. Lt Matt Parrish said the suspects strike convenience stores and fast food restaurants during peak activity periods. The counterfeit bills are poor quality, Parrish said. The paper texture is quite different from genuine $20 bills. A close visual examination of the bill or use of a counterfeit detecting pen will enable cashiers to quickly recognize the fake bills and alert authorities. “They are counting on the clerks being too busy to check closely,” Parrish said. Some victims of the counterfeitpassing scheme have provided license plate numbers and other evidence that has led investigators to possible suspects, according to Parrish. Anyone who suspects a customer is attempting to pass counterfeit bills should contact Livingston Police Department at 936-327-3117 or the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at 936-327-6810.


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