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Habit for Humanity volunteers pushing north for Corrigan build


Enterprise staff

After providing over a dozen homes for impoverished residents, the Habitat for Humanity of Polk County Habitat volunteers look to continue extending their reach north. Since its inception in 2003, Habitat for Humanity of Polk County (HHPC) has bui 14 houses throughout Polk County and plans on many more in the next few years. Much of the construction revolves around two Livingston streets Miracle Way, which contains five houses and Bluebird Street, which holds three houses with another scheduled to begin construction some time this fall. “That is a lot of houses for such a small affiliate. Habitat for Humanity International asks affiliates build at least one house a year and there are many affiliates, much older than ours that do just that – one house a year,” HHPC President Susie Gearing said. “In 2008, we built four houses, but we did not build any two years prior to that because we were building the road to the houses – Miracle Way. The Cochran family gave us the land, but there was no infrastructure so we had to build an infrastructure. Being the amateurs we are, it took us a while.” Despite having much of its success in Livingston, recent construction projects in Corrigan could break the HHPC’s southerly trend. “Although we had a lot of land given to us in Livingston, which could probably keep us busy for the rest of our lives, we felt in order to keep good faith with our charter, which is to serve Polk County, that we needed to get some housing going in the north part of the county. We started with a house in Moscow that was built in 2009 and then we came back to Livingston until we got a family qualified in Corrigan. We can’t start building until we get a family,” Gearing said. In late March, HHPC began construction on the second Corrigan house, only days prior to County Judge John Thompson signing a proclamation declaring April Habitat for Humanity month in Polk County. After beginning constructing on the second Corrigan house in late March, Gearing hopes to make major headway in construction by hosting Women’s Build Day May 11, two days before Mother’s Day. With the framing and roofing complete, Gearing said she would like to give a detailed itinerary of the day’s events, but an uncharacteristically rainy spring season dampened her plans. “It’s a day for women to do all of the work on the house. I am not sure what work they will do because I am not sure what is scheduled to be constructed at that point. All of the framing has been done. The roof is to be put on Wednesday by a team with a Piney Woods Encampment out of Corrigan. By (May 11), the house will be dried in.” Keep up with Jim on twitter at @JimPottsPCE.


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