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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - November 2008
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VFW facing financial struggle as game income drops
Polk County Enterprise - November 2008
LIVINGSTON — The Veteran’s of Foreign Wars commander, Bill Tullos says that VFW Post 8568 is experiencing a fi nancial crisis. “Our income has dwindled since we removed the sweepstakes machines,” Bill Tullos said. “We are trying to get them back because they were popular and generated income for the post.” Post membership also is declining rapidly. “Although our membership numbers may seem normal, there are only 22 to 24 active members. We currently have only two members who are Vietnam era and forward members. We need an infusion of members who are committed to the patriotic ideas and community involvement we stand for,” Tullos said. Carolyn Tullos, president of the VFW Auxiliary, the women’s counterpart organization, shares Bill’s feelings. “The Auxiliary is separate from the VFW. We are community service oriented too, only our membership is women and our fi nances are separate,” she said. Auxiliary membership is currently at 174, yet Carolyn reports only 15 or less are active. “We need more volunteers and community support to help too.” Carolyn Tullos said. The post offers a variety of activities that are open to the community, Quartermaster Richard Amos said. Bingo games are held three days a week on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Dances with live bands are held each Saturday and game nights are offered on Thursday. Additional events are offered by the VFW members such as steak night where members serve dinner and special events are held at the location by civic and private groups. “This year the dues to join VFW went up from $20 to $25 per year,” Amos said. Of that amount, we see about $5 come back to our local post. The national and the state organizations each get a portion of the dues.” “We make quarterly payments to the Comptroller of Public Accounts for $9,000, to the Texas Bingo Commission on monies received from bingo,” Amos said. “Last quarter our payment to the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission was $6,600 for bar beverages. We also are required by the state to contribute at least 35 percent of our income from bingo to community based organizations and activities and take 5 percent from winnings for taxes. Because we care about this community and are service oriented, we probably give more than the required 35 percent amount.”


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