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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - November 2009
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LPD: Couple passing bogus $100s to Livingston merchants
Polk County Enterprise - November 2009

LIVINGSTON — Investigators at Livingston Police Department are searching for a couple who have passed three bogus $100 bills to local merchants in the last few days, according to LPD spokesman Det. Ken Bohnert. Bohnert said clerks need to be especially alert when customers attempt to purchase less than $10 in merchandise and pay with a $100 bill. The method these counterfeiters are using avoids detection by pens commonly used by clerks to determine whether currency is authentic. “Three bogus $100 bill have shown up in the last few days. We had them before, but it’s starting to be a more common occurrence,” Bohnert said. The suspects are taking a legitimate $5 bill and bleaching it then printing a $100 on the bill, according to Bohnert. By holding the fake bill up to the light, the watermark of Abraham Lincoln is still visible. The security strip will also read “USA FIVE” repeated the length of the strip. Bonhert said the printing quality on the bills is “fair.” “You can see the lines aren’t real distinct. Unless you look at it close, it could pass,” Bohnert said. Merchants who received the bogus bills have not yet been able to provide a detailed description of the man and woman providing the bills. Bohnert also added that the detection pens do not work on the counterfeits because they are using real U.S. Treasury paper. “You have to look real close,” Bohnert said. The Lincoln watermark with Ben Franklin’s face on the bill is the give-away. ” Anyone who believes they have received a counterfeit bill should call LPD at 936-327-3117.


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