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Stories Added - November 2010
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LISD looking ahead at tech, vocational needs



LIVINGSTON —Trustees for the Livingston Independent School District will tackle long-range planning in technology and vocational areas during a meeting set for 6 p.m. Monday. Deputy Superintendent Diana Kelm will present a district improvement plan and Assistant Superintendent Nikki Wilson will discuss fi ngerprinting of auxiliary staff and the TASB recommended compensation plan. The board will receive information on time clocks for non-contract employees in the district. Trustees will consider approving fi scal limits for purchaseS approved by the superintendent in conjunction with local policy. Architect Richard Crump will present a progress report for the new high school. Delinquent tax attorneys Linebarger Goggan Blair & Simpson LLP delivered a report on collect efforts prior to Monday’s meeting. As of September $2,212,381 was owed to LISD in outstanding balances for base taxes. A total of $24,434.67 in current taxes was paid in September. The fi rm collected $114,382 in September —$92,367 in taxes and $22,015 in penalties in interest. The amount collected in October was $16,289.87 more than October 2009. Eighty-eight tax lawsuits are pending, 20 were fi led in September; 28 in August and 40 in July. The lawsuits involve $252,162. During September, 10 lawsuits were resolved for $26,091 in delinquent taxes. Three judgments were taken. and one judgment was released. In two mass mailings, 7,669 letters were sent. Those efforts were supplemented by collection telephone calls, the report said.


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