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Women: Care for yourself so you are able to care for others


By Terry Clark
Enterprise Columnist

Virtually every woman we know has the same problem- she knows what’s good for her, but she often doesn’t do it. We know we should eat less and exercise more, but we still don’t make healthy choices. We know we need to spend our time and money more effectively. We find ourselves always putting others first, while neglecting our own needs and wants. We don’t get enough rest or sleep and the endless to-do list continues to hang over our head with no sign of it ever being completed. Sometimes I as myself the question “why am I always riding in the back of my own car” meaning I need to be in the driver’s seat and in control of my own destination. We don’t do the things we know are good for us because we are so busy taking care of others that we neglect ourselves. The problem isn’t lack of information, we have plenty of information about the importance of sleep, healthy foods and exercise. The problem is how we prioritize our lives. Some people are inner-directed and some are other-directed. That is, some people focus on their own self interest and rank themselves very high on their own list of priorities. “What’s best for me?” And then those of us who are other-directed, meaning our primary focus is external and we are primarily concerned with relationships, especially people we care about. “How can I help others?” is how we spend our time and energy. Building and nurturing relationships with loved ones, family, friends, neighbors and coworkers is what guides our lives. Awareness is the first step toward solving a problem, then we must break that cycle that we were taught as young women about the myth that we can DO it all. Women, we can DO it all -- just not in one day, so take the time to relax, enjoy your life, learn how to do nothing for a day, learn how to play again and become more inner directed and most of all learn how to ask for help. Pastor Kenneth Darden and the Macedonia Baptist Church would like to invite everyone out to join them for a powerful and anointed Revival starting Nov. 1-3rd, at 7 p.m. nightly. Guest Speaker will be Apostle Kevin D. Allen Sr. of Greater Emmanuel Church of Little Rock, Arkansas. Pastor Ray Fisher and the Pine Valley Baptist Church would like to invite everyone to join them on Saturday, Nov. 12th at 6 p.m. for a benefit program for Mr. Mack Hill and Mr. Raymond Wyatt, please come out and help be a blessing to them and their families. The Grace Hill Church Women’s department would like to send out heartfelt thanks to all the women who helped to make our 2nd Annual Women’s conference a great success, we hope and pray that lives and minds where changed, and continue to bless others with the topic “Battlefield of the Mind.” Happy belated birthday to Taylor Wright a happy 2nd birthday on Oct. 27. She celebrated with family and friends at Matthews Park for her special day. Also belated birthday wishes to Brandon Prescott, Iva Prescott, Ralph Figgs Jr, Oliver Phlegm, Kathy Prescott and Kathy Porter who all celebrated October birthdays. Please join me in prayer for the Conley family, in the loss of the her son, who was killed on Oct. 21. Please keep this family in your prayers including Mrs. Dorothy Wyatt, Mr. Tommy Jackson. To everyone have a safe and blessed week and continue to pray for each other and pray for our church leaders and our local leaders in our community.


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