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Election Results


LIVINGSTON – The unofficial results of the Nov. 8 Amendment Election have been tallied for Polk County showing a turnout of 1,724 out of 35,625 registered voters, or 4.84 percent. Voters were found to be in strong favor of Proposition 1 (SJR 14) 1,463 to 244, or 85.71 percent in favor. If passed SJR 14 will “authorize the legislature to provide the surviving spouse of a 100 percent or totally disabled veteran with an exemption from ad valorem taxation of all or part of the market value of the surviving spouse’s residence homestead as long as the surviving spouse has not remarried, the property was the residence homestead of the surviving spouse when the qualifying veteran died, and the property remains the residence homestead of the surviving spouse,” according to votexas.org. Polk County voters were marginally against propositions 2 (SJR 4) and 3 (SJR 50) 765 to 912, or 54.38 percent against, and 722 to 977, or 57.50 percent against, respectively. For Proposition 4 (HJR 63) voters polled showed a moderate disfavor with 524 for and 1,157 against, or 68.83 percent. The proposition sought to “authorize the legislature to permit a county to issue bonds or notes to finance the development or redevelopment of an unproductive, underdeveloped, or blighted area within the county, and to pledge increases in ad valorem tax revenues imposed on property in the area by the county for repayment of such bonds or notes,” according to votexas.org. Voters were marginally in favor of Proposition 5 (SJR 26) 943 to 743, or 55.93 percent in favor. Propositions 6 (HJR 109) and 7 (SJR 28) met marginal opposition with 759 in favor to 915, or 54.66 percent against, and 691 to 974, or 58.50 percent against, respectively. Proposition 8 (SJR 16) met somewhat stronger opposition with Polk voters polling 583 for to 1,073 against, or 64.79 percent against. Finally, voters were counted to be against propositions 9 (SJR 9) and 10 (SJR 37) by slim margins with 808 to 865, or 51.70 percent against, and 788 to 871, or 52.50 percent against, respectively. These are Polk County's unofficial numbers and do not represent the outcome of the overall election. For more information on the specifics of the propositions visit votexas.org.


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