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LVFD fights electrical fire at jr. high



LIVINGSTON — An electrician making repairs at Livingston Junior High was electrocuted and an electrical fire reported at 2:21 p.m. Monday. Fifteen Livingston firefighters responded with one fire truck. Assistant Chief John Haynes said a Livingston Independent School District employee was repairing an electrical panel when he suffered what emergency officials are describing as a serious electrical shock. The incident triggered the sprinkler system in the band hall area of the junior high and the alarm company notified LVFD. Haynes said the electrician was taken to Memorial Medical Center-Livingston for treatment. “It set some boxes and plastic materials that were stored in that room on fire,” Haynes said. “The city electrical department killed the power to the building and that allowed us to go in and put the fire out and close that sprinkler head.” Haynes said there was some fire damage and electrical damage in the box. The sprinkler system and efforts by LVFD caused some water damage in the band hall and offices nearby. “There are fire walls around that area and there was not a whole lot of material in there to burn,” Haynes said. “There was a small amount of smoke in the building. Most of the damage was contained to that one room.” LISD spokesman Gregg Faith said the electricity will remain off at the building until the problem is evaluated and repaired. Fire and insurance investigators were set to arrive on Tuesday. LVFD called to debris fires Dispatchers for LVFD say firefighers have responded to a number of controlled burns that are reported as escaped fires by neighbors or passersby. F irefighters received backto- back calls Friday night that sent them to Dickens Loop near Seven Oaks, another fire reported in a subdivision of Mangum Road and another on Baxter Road just outside the Livingston City Limits at 8:30 p.m. Friday. LVFD was called out Monday for controlled burns on Mouse Brown Road and at the Polunsky Prison Unit that were supervised, contained debris fires.


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