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County weighs options on IAH management contract



LIVINGSTON — After a short briefing from attorneys Polk County Commissioners began reviewing proposals for a management contract for the IAH (Polk County) Detention Facility at a special called meeting Monday. The court consulted with District Attorney Lee Hon and Herb Bristow, the attorney who has advised Polk County since IAH was created. Three potential vendors submitted proposals to operate the private correctional facility that houses inmates for Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. Marshal’s Service. The IAH facility also housed overflow inmates from the Polk County jail until the expansion project was complete. Community Education Centers Inc., the corrections contractor that has operated the facility since it opened; LaSalle Corrections and Emerald Correctional Management. Since IAH opened, it has generated more than $6.5 million in revenue for Polk County with no liability or expense on the county’s part. “That has all gone to offset property taxes and allow us to provide services,” County Judge John Thompson said. The average population at IAH over the last 19 months has been 825, according to the two vendors who appeared in person at Monday’s meeting. Bids from the three vendors were opened Monday and were evaluated by Bristow and County Auditor throughout the night Monday to prepare to make a recommendation to commissioners during a meeting set for 10 a.m. Tuesday. Bristow said he would be checking the proposals to ensure all the criteria requested were met and “make sure we don’t have any rabbits running around loose.” Stelly analyzed the administrative fees and per diem rates stipulated in the three proposals to determine which would provide the greatest potential benefit for the county.


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