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Polk County overwhelmingly votes against another Obama term



LIVINGSTON — Riding the coat-tails of massive anti-Obama sentiment, Republican challenger Kaycee L. Jones defeated 411tth District Judge Robert H. Trapp. Precinct 3 Commissioner Milton Purvis won a second term after switching to the Republican Party, defeating Democratic challenger Marvin Hood. Jones got 10,994 votes in Polk County; 4,495 in San Jacinto County and 2,976 in Trinity for a district total of 18,465. Trapp got 7,223 in Polk County, 4,895 in San Jacinto County and 2,964 in Trinity County for a total of 15,082 which gave Jones a margin of 55 percent of the vote. Nearly 47 percent of Polk County’s 29,364 registered voters cast early ballots. Jones came out with an early lead in Polk County early voting with 8,110 to Trapp’s 4,770. Of those early votes, 3,649 of Jones’ came by mail compared to 1,639 mail ballots for Trapp. Purvis got a total of 2,063 votes (62.93 percent) to Hood’s 1,215 (37.07 percent). The incumbent came out with an early lead with 1,256 early votes (68.94 percent) to Hood’s 566 (31.06 percent). Mail ballots were much less popular in Precinct 3 with Purvis getting 302 votes by mail and Hood getting 208. Sheriff Kenneth Hammack, County Tax Assessor-Collector Leslie Jones Burks, Pct. 1 Commisioner Bob Willis, Pct. 1 Constable Scott Hughes, Pct. 2 Constable Bill Cunningham, Pct. 3 Constable Ray Myers, Pct. 4 Constable Dana (Bubba) Piper, State Senator Robert Nichols, and State Representative James White are all unopposed. At the end of the night, 8,348 Polk County voters voted a straight GOP ticket (73.36 percent); compared 2,963 straight-party Democrat voters (25.96 percent). Another 79 voters voted a straight Libertarian ticket and 22 straight Green Party votes were cast. In the Presidential race, local voters bucked the national trend. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan got 14,019 votes (73,36 percent) of the vote in Polk County, to Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s 4,836 (26.31 percent). For other top of the ticket races, Polk County results mirrored state and national results. See Sunday’s edition for a box-by-box breakdown.


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