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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - October 2008
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y Publishing Company

Commissioners $450K purchase of warehouse for maintenance dept.
Polk County Enterprise - October 2008

LIVINGSTON – Commissioners approved more than $450,000 in expenses related to the purchase and renovation of a warehouse and 2.8 acres of property on Allie Bean Drive during Tuesday’s meeting. The building formerly owned by Just-A-Buck, Inc. will be used as a maintenance and document storage facility, with plans to eventually add an animal shelter. The decision came after the court reconvened from executive session during which they deliberated real property issues. County Maintenance Engineer Jay Burks told commissioners about the poor condition of the current maintenance building in Leggett. Burks and County Judge John Thompson had submitted a sketch of a proposed replacement building to J.E. Kingham Construction for a rough cost estimate. Kingham said a 6,500 square foot building would cost about $960,000, or $150 per square foot. The building on Allie Bean Drive is 15,000 square feet situated on 2.8 acres. The owner is asking $285,000 plus closing costs. The plan includes an estimated $68,142 in upgrades to the existing structure and about $100,000 for installation of mandatory three hour fi re-rated storage, the price tag will be close to $460,000 or about $35 per square foot. The county currently stores records at various facilities around the county.

The leases on those buildings totaled over $120,000 in the past year, so the project could bring about signifi cant savings, said Burks. With $600,000 budgeted for the construction or purchase of a county maintenance and records storage building, the county will have about $140,000 left for use in relocating the county animal shelter. Pct. 1 Commissioner Bob Willis made a motion to table the decision for further consideration. When the motion died for lack of a second, Willis made a motion to approve the purchase. The motion passed unanimously. Sheriff Kenneth Hammack reported $39,315 in expenses to house inmates outside the county for the month of September. Commissioners adopted regulations for county-owned parks and structures that set hours of operation from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and prohibit the following acts while on the premises: • Possession or consumption of alcohol. • Use or possession of glass bottles, jars or other such containers. • Music, language or noise from any source which is played, broadcast or spoken at such a volume as to create a sound nuisance. • Obscene language or music. Jean Hester of Hester and Sanders Architects presented the site plan for the new judicial center to the court. Hester reported that the Texas Department of Transportation had turned down the county’s request to limit access to Abbey Street off of South Washington Avenue.

This restriction would have allowed for 51 parking spaces along the south side of the structure. Without the restriction there will only be 46 spaces. Hester told commissioners that her fi rm would meet with Livingston City Council on Nov. 10 to fi nalize the transfer of a portion of Abbey Street to the county for parking. Commissioners voted to advertise for bids for the sale of vegetative debris. In previous meetings county offi cials had been advised that a market may exist for chips made from the collected debris. The chips would be sold to bio-mass utilities. In other business, the county is currently hiring debris monitors to oversee the cleanup crews working around the county. Roland Zell with TFR, Inc. reported that since his company began piling debris at the end of last week, they have picked up approximately 8,000 cubic yards. Zell also advised that larger collection sites will be needed to complete the project.


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