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Polk County Enterprise - Local News
Stories Added - October 2009
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Fishing boat sinks, leaves two treading water
Polk County Enterprise - October 2009


ONALASKA — Onalaska police were summoned to the Bridgeview subdivision at about 7:35 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 1, where a fishing trip came to an unpleasant end when two men spent hours in the water after their boat sank in rough water. J. R. Williams, owner of an Onalaska pizza restaurant, was delivering a pizza when he heard two men shouting for help. Benjamin Schubert and Marc Rude had launched their boat from Impala Woods at about noon and headed across the lake to fish in a channel on the San Jacinto County side of the lake. The water began to get rough, so they headed back to the Impala Woods boat ramp. Then a wave swamped the back of the boat and it sank. The two men had been floating around for three or four hours before Williams heard them shouting, Onalaska police reports show.

Williams jumped in the water, swam out to Rude, who was wearing a life jacket, and took him to shore. Williams then jumped back in the water to find Schubert. At that point, Onalaska Police Officer Brian Perkins arrived at the home of Onalaska City Councilman Carl Cruse. Perkins found several people standing on the bank of a nearby residence who were shouting at people in the water about 100 yards away. Perkins asked Gary Evans to try to reach the men with his Jet Ski. He reached Williams first, who sent him on to assist Schubert. After getting Schubert to safety, Evans made a second trip out to bring Williams back to shore. All three were uninjured, according to OPD reports. Bridgeview residents transported Rude back to his vehicle.


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