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Stories Added - October 2010
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City says ‘no’ to management district at Town Center
Polk County Enterprise


LIVINGSTON — City council members voted unanimously Tuesday to deny a request from Anthony Properties to create a Municipal Management District (MMD) atop its Livingston Town Center project. The vote came after a lengthy discussion between attorneys for the developer and the city about the risks and benefi ts of creating a district. Under state law, an MMD can issue bonds to reimburse developers for the cost of infrastructure such as roads, water, sewer and other facilities that benefi t the district as a whole. Anthony Properties purchased the site about four years ago, but once Livingston Independent School District purchased property nearby for a new high school campus, the company revised its development plan. “Thanks to the school going in here, there’s an opportunity to take the project a lot deeper,” said Frank Nuchareno, president of Anthony Properties. Tim Green, a Houstonbased attorney representing Anthony Properties, told the council that the developer is not asking the city for a penny in sales tax or other revenue. “All we are asking is for the city to partner with us and act as our sponsor to allow us to create this district,” Green saidSeveral Livingston area residents with real estate interests attended Tuesday’s meeting, and witnesses a lively and informative debate between the two attorneys. Jeanne H. McDonald, a Sugar Land attorney who specializes in real estate matters, has been a consultant for the City of Livingston on the Livingston Town Center issues. According to McDonald, the issue of whether to create the district has become confused because of the vast amount of details about possible requirements that have been discussed. She told officials the situation has not changed much since they last considered the request in 2009, but one of her concerns was that the project was too small. “Revenues from the proposed 70-cent tax rate are very low to cover the cost of administering the district and retiring the bonds. For additional details on the workshop, see www.EastTexas News.com.


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