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Stories Added - October 2010
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LISD food service serves up 42,000 more meals
Polk County Enterprise


LIVINGSTON — Children often claim their favorite subject at school is lunch, but Assistant Superintendent Janan Moore presented some numbers to trustees Monday to prove it. “The cafeterias are rolling pretty heavy,” Moore said. During the month of September 2009, LISD served 73,902 meals. For the same period this year (and the same number of schooldays) 107,345 meals have been served, according to Moore’s report. The massive increase follows a complete overhaul of the menu and food presentation at all campus cafeterias after food services were contracted to Southwest Food Services. When figures for August are added in, the number of meals served climbed by nearly 42,000. The biggest increase has been in meals served to students who pay full price for breakfast and lunch — from 11,038 in September 2009 to 16,760 in September 2010. The number of free lunches served rose from 32,059 in September 2009 to 37,863 in September 2010. Reduced price lunches went from 4,123 to 4,925 and paid lunches went from 11,038 to 16,760 districtwide. Marked increases were also reported in meals served to students who qualify for free or reduced price meals. Moore praised food service personnel for stepping up to the challenge of serving 68 percent more meals. Reimbursement for lunches served under the free and reduced price programs has exceeded the budgeted day rate amount by about $10,000, Moore added. During this start-up year, Moore said there are some expenses that will likely have to be negotiated with Southwest at the end of the year. She said Southwest has purchased many more small serving items than projected when renovating cafeterias. “That equipment is ours, it doesn’t go away if something changes, but I think the revenues will be significantly higher than the difference in that expense,” Mooreo said. Moore added that Southwest is continuing to tweak arrangements of serving lines and other issues. On Monday, Livingston Junior High opened new breakfast areas, officials said. Salad bars have been added to all of the campuses and trustees have been surprised at the response. “Even little kids are descending on the salad bar,” board president Bea Ellis said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”


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