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Engineers present plans to expand output of TRA’s water plant


Enterprise staff

LIVINGSTON – Klotz Associates, Inc. gave a presentation at City Council’s regular session Tuesday over their evaluation of the Livingston Regional Water Supply System (LRWSS) treatment plant that draws water from Lake Livingston and prepares it for consumption. The plant was originally constructed in 1980 as part of the supply system for the City of Livingston and later expanded in 1992, adding a concrete clarifying basin and other improvements increasing the station’s output. Both the clarifi ers appear to be intact due to their concrete construction, however steel components of the system — particularly those erected in 1980 — are showing moderate corrosion and the foundation of the pump-station appears to have suffered differential settling. The current fi rm capacity — the amount a station can produce while undergoing repairs — is around two million gallons per day (GPD). With “the pedal to the metal” the plant can produce up to three million GPD, said Ralph Cox of Klotz Associates. With the current average demand at around 2.6 GPD it is unfeasible to shut down parts of plant to make repairs and maintenance. With demand forcing the plant top operate at capacity and signs of decay visible the facilities, they concluded the station is operating at full capacity with no redundancy and is in need of improvement. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality projects a higher demand for the Livingston area in the future and will require the system to provide a fi rm three million GPD based on their new models. After the expansion, expected to begin some time late next year, the system could exceed that goal. With the new main line supply installed the expanded plant could have a maximum output of fi ve million GPD. The council voted unanimously to authorize TRA to retain Klotz Associates to proceed with the design of the proposed improvements. “The way things have been the past couple years with the drought, I anticipate water being a commodity in the future,” said Mayor Clarke Evans. “A city can’t grow without water.” For more information on the project or the current state of the LRWSS call 936-967-4495.


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