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Houston SPCA takes custody of animals



LIVINGSTON — The Polk County Sheriff’s Offi ce initiated an animal cruelty investigation on Oct. 11 after a neighbor called and reported animals belonging to Tony and Katherine Revis, who own property at 355 Alabama Point, were coming onto their property and eating food the neighbors put out for their own animals. Animal Control Offi cers Crystal Rogers and Kenneth Fletcher went to the Revis’s property and found 11 horses, three cows, six dogs and two chickens. “The animal control offi cers found that the animals were in various stages of starvation,” Sheriff Kenneth Hammack said. “There was no hay found on the property and only some feed — but not enough to feed the entire stock.” Rogers drafted a warrant for seizure of the animals and it was signed by Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace David Johnson to be served on Katherine and Tony Revis. Hammack said Houston SPCA was called to assist with the seizure, and has helped in the past with the seizure and immediate veterinary care of abused animals. The animals were transported to Houston SPCA facilities for medical treatment. They will be boarded three until the courts rule on who will have care and custody of the animals. Hammack said the animals were transported without incident. A hearing is set for Johnson’s court on Oct. 31. If the court awards custody to the Houston SPCA they will evaluate the animals for their adoption program.


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