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Falling tree narrowly misses woman, but destroys her car


Enterprise staff

LIVINGSTON – Wind associated with the cool front that moved through the area last week felled a large, dead pine tree at a residence on the corner of Barnett Ln. and Lake Livingston Dr. narrowly missing the house but crushing the car parked in front. Occurring around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, the resident said she was awakened, frightened and confused to the sound of snapping wood and bending metal. “I have a day bed I sleep in, right on the other side of this wall,” she said, pointing to the corner of the house closest the incident. “If it had fallen 10 feet this way I’d probably be dead.” The house is a basic wood frame, pier and beam construction with wood panelling exterior. The base of the tree was about 25 feet from the house on the edge of a neighboring, wooded lot, the owners of which live out of town according to the car’s owner. When the tree fell it snapped about 15 feet up causing the base of the upper portion to fall down as the top fell south with the wind. At a length of 40-50 feet and a diameter of around two feet where the impact occurred, the trunk must have struck with a tremendous force. Upon hitting the car, the upper portion apparently snapped again with the remainder falling on and destroying the lawn furniture which happened to be in line with car and the base of the tree. The owner doesn’t know yet if her neighbors insurance will cover the damage to her property, but she hopes the image of her demolished vehicle will serve as a reminder to anyone with a potentially hazardous tree to hire a removal service as soon as possible.


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