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American Legion Bikers welcome soldier home from Afghanistan


Enterprise staff

LIVINGSTON – Members and close friends of American Legion Post 212 of Coldspring met in the Wal-Mart parkinglot with their motorcycles and riding gear Saturday to prepare for a special event. Marine Corporal and lifelong Polk County resident Levi Pope was scheduled to arrive in Houston that morning for pickup and the group planned to suprise him with an escort home in grand fashion. The soldier’s father Byron Pope who organized the event said before departing “this completes Levi’s third tour, second in Afghanistan. He knows we’re bringing him his truck, but he doesn’t expect so many people to be there.” Pope’s sister Elizabeth said she’s always been close to her brother. “My little boy is excited to see him,” said Elizabeth. “He’s 3-years-old now so he was pretty young my brother left. But any time we mention Levi around him, he says Where’s my Uncle Levi?” One rider commented that the group is thankful for Pope’s safe return as many times in the past trips like this one would have been to pick up a casket instead. Levi appearantly purchased the truck while overseas and wanted to drive it back, so his father had family follow behind in it as he and others led the way on their motorcycles. Byron Pope later called to report his son’s reaction to the suprise, “He was totally shocked. He couldn’t believe we all rode down there,” said Pope. “We’re really happy to have hime home.”


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