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PCFWSD continues work on EDAP grant application


Enterprise staff

The Polk County Fresh Water Supply District #2 held its October board meting at 3:30 p.m. Oct. 25. Chairman Fred Alderman had returned from vacation and all board members were present. KSA Engineering’s representative reported that the EDAP (Economically Depressed Assistance Program) Grant Program was still awaiting the environmental reports necessary before funding can be approved. He also reported that the grant officer working on the matter said the district could opt to perform the work using in house employees, bypassing a contractor. When asked about the usual requirement that wages fall under the Davis-Bacon Act, he said that they (KSA) would research it tissue before the board has to make a final decision. This application has been pending for two years. Bill Blass reported he is working on a review of stand-by fees, as the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) will require the data for the yearly audit. Operations Manager Shannon Goins reported that the district will be moving the gate on the sewer station at Stowaway Bay, and they will remove some old blacktop and replant grass, making the area more appealing. The district recently completed taking over the system from property the owners. The report on sewer in Creek Lake Cove indicated that the district will extend a current line some 500 feet; they have acquired easements on private property due to the large number of buried cables along the route. Completion will add four or five new users and provide for immediate connection for future building. Office Manager Loveearl Hodge reported that in August the district added 24 new accounts by virtue of new ownership of property, one new connection, issued six permits for a total of 2,163 active users, 134 commercial accounts. September saw six new connections, 3 permits issued; total users went down to 2,159, but commercial users gained 1, to total 135. She reported that she and Shannon have reached trac 3, completing trac 1 and 2, of the Certified Public Manager Program at Steven F Austin University. J. R. Jones asked if all employees are now certified Operators, Shannon answered that one remaining has a test next week. The board reviewed the operational costs of the system, which have increased by 2.5 percent this year, after careful discussion regarding the many older users, who are economically challenged, decided not to raise the sewer rates for 2013. The TCDRS (Texas County & District Retirement System) report was reviewed and benefits for pre-65 retirement and post-65 retirement were approved. These actions are required yearly by the plans operational board. A resolution and Certificate of Order was passed adding Wendy Sanchez and Amanda Penton to the approved list for submission of ACH processing at First National of Livingston. A resolution and Certificate of Order adopting the 2012 Tax Rate of $0.3730 as passed at the September meeting, they was no increase in the tax rate. With the tax rate set the board reviewed and passed the Budget for 2013 by unanimous vote. Interested parties may obtain a copy at the district office during regular business hours. The November meeting will be on November 16 at Noon, with a staff luncheon, board members families will be invited. The staff will furnish the meal and only necessary items will be discussed and action taken. The next regular meeting will be January 27 at 3:30 p.m.in the board room. There historically is no December meeting due to the date falling between Christmas and New Years. Chairman Alderman wanted to acknowledge the fine work done while he was away by Shannon Goins, Loveearl Hodge and the trustees


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