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Transition out of special ed co-op went smoothly director tells LISD board



LIVINGSTON — For students the start of each school year always brings a new milestone to conquer and at Livingston I.S.D. administrators have had big goals to achieve for the few years as well. This year’s milestone was moving from the special cooperative that pooled special needs students and resources from several districts to a standalone special education department serving 477 special education students that live in Livingston ISD and using the district’s own staff. Pamela Mitchell, the director of Special Education reported to board members Monday night that her department has been really bus, but they have received all the supplies and equipment needed and those items have been placed at the campuses where they will be needed. The department is in the final stages of data migration to a new software system but that has not hindered the ARD meetings with staff and parents to determine what special education services a student may need and review whether a student may be ready to be dismissed from the special education program. Mitchell pointed out that one challenge for the department has been that there are currently five deaf education students at the high school campus. Due to the limited availability of translators, one student, an 11th-grader, is currently using three different translators throughout the week. “He’s thrilled with the situation and he is a collegebound student so it is preparing him for that environment where he will have to work with a number of translators,” Mitchell said. “He’s quite happy to be working with three nice looking energetic ladies. He thinks we chose them specificially for him — and I guess we did.” Principals at all campuses reported enrollment numbers. Timber Creek has 727 Pine Ridge has 720 Livingston Intermediate 622 Livingston Jr. High 919 High School 1,152 The Alternative Campus began the year with 33 students but five were able to return to their campus and two withdrew. Livingston ISD trustees also approved a petition asking the Polk County Commissioners Court to release $1,375,873.23 from the permanent representing LISD share of mineral bonus payment of $2,396,940.80 deposited to the Polk County permanent school funds to be used for the renovation of the existing school building located at #1 Lions Drive The motion passed 6-0.


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