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County sets tax rate, bans outdoor burning



LIVINGSTON — Polk County Commissioners voted to approve a budget of $226,494,068.59 Tuesday including $16,373,104.09 in general fund items and $5,089,442.19 to be divided among the four road and bridge precincts, with all ayes except for Pct. 1 Bob Willis, who was out of town. Revenue to meet those expenses will come from an ad valorem tax rate of 62.77 cents per $100 in value, making the eighth year the court has set the same rate, County Judge John Thompson pointed out. Commissioners agreed to use $741,657.71 out of the general fund balance; $9,712 out of the Aging fund balance and $29,385 out of the County Clerk Records Management fund balance in FY 2013. In FY 2012, $298,452 was used from the general fund balance. Since the budget was filed with the County Clerk on Aug. 16, and posted on the county’s website, the following changes were made in the proposed budget: • The Attorney General’s office notified the county that the vendor for the Texas VINE Victim Notification program will be paid directly from the OAG’s office to the $17,369 in grant revenue and related expense has been deleted from the county budget. • Current ad valorem tax revenue increase by $20,343.80 after railroad rolling stock was added to the tax roll and pollution control exemptions were removed from total taxable values. • The Indigent Defense Grant revenue was reduced by $29,624 after the Attorney General’s office notified county officials that there would be not equalization payments for the coming year. (Polk County received $41,554 in 2011) • Cost adjustment to the CIRA software program, which is based on 0.001 of the General Fund Revenue. The loss of the equalization payments reduces the cost of that software by $28.68. • Other charges including changes in certificate pay eligibility, personnel actions decreasing longevity pay and associated benefits and miscellaneous line items corrections. Commissioners also approved a final request for a change made by Sheriff Kenneth Hammack to reclassify a secretarial position from part-time to full time. Hammack said this particular non-licensed staff member has been trained to perform a wide variety of duties in records, warrants and sex offender registry and has proven to be a pretty valuable employee. “We have some available funds in a regular salary line item, but we are short $5,550,” Hammack


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