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Democrats to meet at HQ on Thursday, Sept. 8


LIVINGSTON — Local Democratic Party activist Harvey Stewart has announced there will be a meeting of Polk County Democrats at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 7 at the County Headquarters at 124 W. Church St. Stewart said the meeting is being held to try to clarify issues related to the resignation of former County Chairman Travis Jackson and subsequent appointment of Sharon Teal as chairman by state party officials. When Jackson tendered his resignation, he reportedly nominated Stewart as his replacement, but questions arose as to whether the precinct chairs who selected Stewart had been properly appointed. “The responsibility of selecting a Chair to fill a vacancy falls to the County Executive Committee, which is comprised of that county’s precinct chairs,” said Kirsten Gray, communications director for the Texas Democratic Party. “There is a procedure under TDP Rules and the law for selecting precinct chairs to fill vacancies on the Executive Committee. In Polk County, there was some argument over who the duly elected precinct chairs were, and therefore who was entitled to elect the new Chair.” “After reviewing documentation from Polk County, TDP concluded the only County Executive Committee that was selected under the Rules and the law appointed Sharon Teal as County Chair.”


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