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Scenic Loop VFD rolls out new pumper



SCENIC LOOP – Fire Chief Don Marlow and Scenic Loop firefighters took delivery of a new 1,500 gallon-per-minute pumper this week, bringing significantly more water capacity and dependability for the homes and property in the area that Scenic Loop Volunteer Fire Department serves. The new truck, which is designated Engine 27, will replace a 26-year-old firetruck as the department's primary pumper, Marlow said. Not only does the new truck bring the capability to deliver more water on a fire more quickly, this piece of equipment will operate more efficiently since the pumps and auxiliary equipment is all more modern, according to Marlow. Scenic Loop names their trucks after retired call numbers of firefighters who have died in the line of duty or those who served the department for many years, the chief explained. "Travis Adams served the department just about as long as I have — 28 years," Marlow said. Other trucks honor the memory of firefighter No. 20, Scott Harshburger, age 36, who fell through the roof directly into a fire at Texas Landing on Sept. 24, 2000. Harshburger died of smoke inhalation. Tanker 8 is named in honor of Jimmy Certain, age 41, who was killed in a crash Sept. 22, 1994 when the 1972 Chevrolet 3,000 gallon tanker truck he was driving overturned at an intersection when he was enroute to a house fire. Capt. Certain died at the scene. Marlowe said the vehicle that had been previously referred to as E-27 will be renamed E-24 after Robert (Mussy) Musgrove who served with Scenic Loop for 12 to 13 years. He came to Polk County from Bethesda, Md. and did a lot of lake rescues for the department. Marlow is hard at work on other advances for Scenic Loop VFD including a new substation between FM 2457 and 3277 to house an older pumper, which would improve response times. A meeting was planned with a property owners association this weekend to discuss a possible location for the substation. "We're planning a lot of things to advance fire protection and improve response time," he said.


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