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Corrigan council hears plans for MLK Park


Enterprise staff

The Corrigan City council held its regular meeting on Tuesday at the City hall beginning at 6 p.m. They approved the minutes from the February meeting. Richard Thomas spoke at the public forum of the meeting regarding a plan submitted to council titled MLK Community Park – authored by Perry Ealim and Jeanette Doyal. The proposal is an effort by Faith Temple Community Outreach Division of the Faith Temple God in Christ Church. They are seeking a meeting with council regarding the city owned land at 502 MLK, approximately 43,5560 square feet and turning it into a community park, using volunteer labor, fund raising and community spirit to accomplish a very needed project.City Manager Fortune said he would set up a meeting next week to discuss the plan with group leaders. Council discussed a resolution for the lease purchase of a 25 cubic yard garbage truck and two Chevrolet police units. The $154,500 note would be financed through Government Capital Corp. for five years with an interest rate of 2.979 percent. The city paid off the two police cars last week freeing the titles for tradein. The low bid accepted on the cars was Clifton Chevrolet, due to their bid being for 2014 models and the local availability for service on warranty items. The garbage truck will come from a dealer in Arizona. After discussion regarding the future colors of police units' council passed the resolution. City manager Fortune reviewed the financial reports for February discussing several items and answering council members queries, one item discussed was the cost of renting electronic voting equipment from the county for the upcoming council election, state law requires the electronic version of voting because Polk County's population is above the ceiling for paper ballots. Specific checks made out to individuals were discussed and linked to the function the money was spent for or why reimbursement was required. Fees were for items such a building inspector, notary bond for city secretary, electric at sewer plant, 2,000 garbage bags purchased once a year, repairs to current garbage truck, chemicals for sewer treatment plant, a lift unit rental unit to install new light fixtures in the fire stations high ceiling and fines paid to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) previously reported but finally paid a lesser amount than originally stated. Revenues for February were closer to or just above budgeted figures and the report for the first 12 days of March indicate income levels within budget projections. Council approved he report. During reports from departments Chief Darrell Gibson took a moment to speak to council regarding his appreciation for the opportunity to serve as police chief and that he is trying to make things fair in the community. He is making the police department proactive in the community not just reactive, they should be seeing the patrol cars often in residential areas. Recent incidents have tried to make department look bad, and there have been questions about furnishing information to local news media, so the new policy is that Officer Dana Vanya has been appointed as Public Information liaison and if the media will contact her on Monday mornings they can receive information for events that occurred over the weekend. When council asked about the length of time for officers to file reports on incidents, Chief Gibson said normally within 24 hours of the incident, however some issues take longer if there are multiple contacts and/or statements to take, and shorter if that officer is about to be off for several days before their next shift. The department responded to 250 calls for service in February, issued 370 citations, and arrested 13 subjects. They made 629 building security checks, worked 38 cases and are in the process of turning several over to the district attorney for prosecution. Reporting for the Volunteer Fire Department, Thomas Spurlock said they responded to six either grass, woods or brush fires during February, set up one landing zone, responded to a house fire in the Pine Hollow area and members attended a pipeline safety class. The Fire Marshal's report for the quarter covered a structure fire at 513 MLK, phone contacts regarding fire extinguishes and where they can be serviced, recertified and refilled, and a safety fire inspection at a day care at 813 MLK. City manager's report: when electricity was installed at the new lift station it was determined that the pumps installed were the wrong type; so the contractor is having to correct the problem, so the station is still inoperable and they cannot tie into the residences as planned until corrections are made. Replacement of flooring and carpeT in areas at fire station and city hall continues. Council member Lowe asked about the curfew and rules for the city hall meeting room. Council member Brooks also questioned what the age was to rent the building, stating that many 18 year olds do not have jobs – are in school – and liability would be placed on their parents should damages occur and maybe the age should be raised or parental signatures used for those rentals. City manager Fortune said he would send a copy of the current policies to each member for review and it will be on the next council agenda, he also mentioned that the rental fees should probably be evaluated. When ditch cleaning scheduling was questioned during council forum, Mr. Fortune said it was about number 28 on his list of "do now" things, but when council member Brooks asked of "they" could dig them out themselves, he said that he would look into it next week. Council adjourned to executive session to consult with their attorney under the provisions of Texas Local Government Code section 551.071 of the Open Meetings Act, Mr. Fortune advised that no action would be taken after the session, so the public could stay or leave at their discretion, but he emphasized that no action would be required after the session, it apparently was advisory in nature.


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