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City of Livingston tells Gulf Coast Hwy. Coalition ‘not tonight’



LIVINGSTON — City Council members awarded a $2,262,000 contract to Landmark Construction Tuesday night to build the one million gallon water storage tank on a corner of the Livingston High School campus that will serve the rapidly growing west side of Livingston. The only other item on Tuesday’s agenda — aside from paying the bills — that required council members to cast a vote got tabled, however. The Gulf Coast Strategic Highway Coalition (a nonprofit organization seeking to upgrade highways in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi and connecting ports to forts along Interstate 14) submitted a request for 2013 dues in the amount of $2,500. “I do not know where the $2,500 number comes from. I do not know who all is paying dues,” Sutton said. Looking back to 1995 there are years where we paid and years we were not billed anything. The map does not show projects that have been approved amounting to about $500. Sutton explained when you look at the listing of projects between Huntsville and Livingston and going east to Woodville, all the projects are all unfunded. Gary Bushell, an attorney representing the coalition asked for a resolution of support in April 2011, that specifically supported a bridge in Oakhurst that crossed Lake Livingston, and the council was not in support of that. Sutton said since then TxDOT has indicated that other things can be done to improve traffic flow. She added that looking at the map and list of project provided by the Gulf Coast Coalition, she truly cannot follow their recommended upgrades — Sutton added that she would not have been able to get clarification since officials were in Austin for the first day of the legislative session. County Judge John Thompson also serves as chairman of the coalition. Mayor Clarke Evans added that he would like to see what other entities are doing. “At the last meeting I attended they were talking about passing lanes and other things,” Evans said. Councilman Bill Wiggins made a motion to table action on the items and it passed unanimously. Local projects suggested on the map provided by the Gulf Coast Strategic Highway Coalition include: • Widen the highway to four lanes from Point Blank to Lake Livingston. • New four lane bridge at Lake Livingston. • Add passing lanes from Onalaska to FM 2457. • Widen to four lanes from Lake Livingston to Sandy Creek. • Widen to four lanes from Sandy Creek to 4.5 miles west of Livingston. • New four lane highway from B-59 to 2.6 miles east of Livingston City Limits. • Widen and upgrade from SH 146 to 6.9 miles east. • Add passing lanes from the end of the four lane to the Tyler County line. • Widen to four lane from 7 miles east of Livingston to FM 1276. • Widen to four lane from FM 2500 to the Tyler County line. • Widen to four lane from the FM 2500 to FM 1276. • Widen to Super2 from the Polk County line to 3 miles west of US 69.


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