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TRA bonds get city council approval



LIVINGSTON — The Livingston City Council met Tuesday to unanimously approve a resolution for bonds concerning the water supply system project. Council approved a hike in water and sewer rates to help pay debt on the Trinity River Authority's contract revenue bonds last week. The resolution will be proposed to be adopted by the TRA board of directors, authorizing the issuance, sale and delivery of the TRA bonds. "On behalf of TRA, we certainly appreciate your cooperation and confidence in us on this project and we look forward to looking for moving forward with it," TRA Southern Regional Assistant Manager Bill Holder said. "We will present it to our utility services committee in Arlington and at that time, that committee will recommend that it be sent to our board on June 26 for a board meeting. After that, the bonds will be put out on the market either the first or second week of July. Based on what happens there and how long that process takes, we hope to issue a notice to proceed sometime in August and get started on the project. We commend you for looking to your future needs your city, your water and the community. The council also approved its share of dues for the 2013 Brazos Transit. The share of the funding for Polk County is $35,000. It is then apportioned based on the 2010 census, bringing the amount requested by the county to the city of Livingston to $4,200 for its participation in the program. The annual expenses of the operation within Polk County are $176,560, 76 percent of which is paid for with money from the Federal Transportation Administration and the Texas Department of Transportation. Since beginning its operation in Polk County in 1996, the bus takes passengers from their house to anywhere within the county for $3.50 with 24-hour notice. In a 14-month period, 3,355 passengers rode Brazos Transit. For additional information, go to http://www. btd.org. Also approved: n Livingston Municipal Library Project, by J.E. Kingham Construction Company, Inc. in the amount of $309,810. The funds will pay for site demolition, grading, parking garage, interior demolition and the roof system. n Appoint Health Officer Elias Kanaan, Judge of the Municipal Court Mack Coates and Associate Judge Gene Bush to terms spanning July 2013 to July 2015.


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