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Family searching for missing woman



LIVINGSTON — As the hours pass, Lynn Snoe's family grows increasingly worried about the 45-yearold disabled woman who has been missing from her aunt's home in Forest Hills since Friday, June 21. Snoe is 5-foot, 7 inches tall and weighs between 190 and 200 pounds, has light brown hair and a distinctive "z" shaped scar on the left side of her mouth. She also walks with a noticeable limp and drags her left foot. Both of those injuries are the result of a car crash she was in as a child that left her with life-long injuries. "She took the air-conditioner out of my '57 Cadillac with her head," her mother says describing the severity of the injuries her then 11-monthold daughter survived. "They told me she would not survive, but she did, Lynn's mother Kay said Tuesday. "She had two sons." Kay says Lynn needs assistance to get through the day and Lynn was driven to her aunt's home in Onalaska as a break in the normal routine for Lynn and her caregivers. She spoke with her husband on Friday. He was supposed to visit her, but couldn't make it to Onalaska because of car trouble. As her aunt cooked dinner, she heard the door slam and Lynn was gone. Family members searched the area around the house and couldn't locate her. Snoe's sister, Sharon Morgan said the driveway and road leading away from the house are too steep for Snoe to leave on foot due to her limited mobility. "There had to be someone waiting in the driveway," Morgan said. "The last communication we could find was a Facebook post at 5 p.m. Friday evening." Family members have talked to most of her Facebook friends and explained the urgency of returning Snoe home or to a responsible caregiver. "I would love for her to come home," Morgan said. "The worst part is not knowing. Good or bad, I want to know where she is. Our mom feels pretty much the same way." Their mother says although Snoe and her husband are estranged, he and his family are assisting in the search, are as distraught about her disappearance and eager to locate her. Snoe and her husband have been together since she was 17, her mother added. "The last time her medications were filled was on the 28th of last month," Morgan said. "Some medications were at the house, but not the medications she takes on a regular basis." "On a lucky day, she thinks like a 13- or 14-year old," Morgan said. "She's not able to pick up much with her left hand. She has little muscle control in it at all."Morgan is concerned whoever assisted Snoe in her departure from the Forest Hills subdivision may not realize how much care she requires — especially on a day when Snoe may not be feeling her best. Those days are certain when she needs medication. "We know someone had to pick her up," Snoe's mother said. "There's just no way you can walk through that heavily wooded area in tennis shoes. You would have to be dressed to walk through the woods. And she can't walk that far without getting exhausted." Det. Christopher Lima adds that it is totally out of character for Lynn to remain out of touch with family members for any length of time. Anyone with information about Snoe's location is asked to the Polk County Sheriff's Office, criminal investigation division and ask for Det. Christopher Lima or Christi Allen at 936-327- 6810.


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