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Livingston Intermediate is all packed up for move to new campus



For the first time in many years, whenschool bells ring in August, no one will be racing to class on the campus at 819 W. Church Street in Livingston. The building's belongings are packed and moving down the road to the old high school building located at 1 Lions Way. "Several years ago, we had a bond election to build a new high school," Livingston ISD communications director Greg Faith said. "When we built that new high school, the goal was to renovate the old high school building to be our intermediate school so that we can eventually turn, what is currently the current intermediate school, into a third elementary. So that is going to be the final part of the project." Faith said when the third elementary will open its doors will depend on a few different factors. "We're doing most of that in-house, so we're going to have to do a lot of renovations, but the goal is to try to have it ready for 2014," he said. "We also don't know exactly what its going to look like at this point, because there is a few different things we can do for whether it's going to be a full Pre-K through 3rd (grade) or if it's going to be something else. Depending on funding, we can do some things and we have some other possibilities that we can do with it. But, it's definitely going to serve elementary level kids." There have been a few different scenarios discussed for the old Intermediate School, which mainly depend on funding. "The most likely scenario is that it is going to be Pre-K through third grade and similar to what we have at the other two elementary schools," Faith said. "But, some other ideas that we have out there, is we would love in Livingston to be able to offer more Pre-K classes, but the state funding really hasn't gone that direction. If state funding goes a different way and allows us to do some different things, we might do something different. Both of our elementary schools are at 700 (students) apiece and that's way too big for an elementary. So we'd like to bring those down to a smaller size, because you kind of want to have elementary schools in the 400-500 range." Faith said the old high school received a major facelift to prepare it for what is now the new intermediate school. "It was part of the bond election, they spent the last year and a half renovating the building, so it's completely redone," he said. "We actually moved the library and built some redone offices and added quite a few classrooms to it. Back when the high school was there, there were around 30 portable buildings, because it was for four grades, but now it's only going to be two grades, so we were able to get rid of the portable buildings around it."


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