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LISD OKs policy change on criminal histories, meal prices going up



The Livingston Independent School District gave its approval to Texas administrative code updates and instructional materials allotment money at Tuesday's regular board meeting. The board approved the Texas Association of School Boards' (TASB) Update 97. In it, TASB updates several recent amendments to the Texas Administrative Code. Update 97 clarifies there are certain exceptions to the practice of not allowing out of district students to ride the bus. Those exceptions would be for students who have disabilities, which are covered under the American Disabilities Act, or students who are homeless. Update 97 also discusses employment requirements and restrictions for criminal history. The district may not refuse to hire a person who has been convicted of certain misdemeanor offenses listed in state law unless the district is determined that its decision is job related and consistent with business necessity. Also approved was the instructional materials allotment and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) certification. Each year the district certifies that the instructional materials allotment money will be spent toward instructional materials to teach TEKS. Lunch prices could change as the school district attempts to comply with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. "The amount that we charge for a lunch, plus the amount that the government gives us should equal what (the government) pay us for a free lunch," Assistant Superintendent Janan Moore said. "At this point, we should be at $2.59 and we are at $2.50 for our junior high and high school, so my proposal is to go to $2.55. At the elementary we are at $2.25, so my proposed is to go to $2.40. As long as we show we are making strides to get to the $2.59, we should be OK." Moore said her goal is to not have lunch prices increase for the next few years. The item will be voted on in the August meeting. The board approved Marilyn Bettes as the Region 6 Representative on the TASB Board of Directors.


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