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Corrigan Heritage Center Project comes to life with donations


Special to The Enterprise

CORRIGAN — Funded 99.997 percent by Corriganites—past and present, near and far, the Heritage Center Project has finally come to life. This venture, under the direction of the Corrigan Community Service League, is supported by contributions from local community members; some who reside in Corrigan and others who will always call it "home." The project also received a grant from BP, for which many are grateful, accounting for the other .003 percent of funding. The project has come to life because of great efforts from the community. What started as a "restorative procedure" has turned into "reconstructive procedure." The elements took a toll on the structure. The structural supports were too weak, deteriorated, or nonexistent, for the building to withstand any improvements. While this extreme approach was fought tooth and nail, in the end, there was no way to restore the integrity of the existing structure to create a safe, sound and maintainable building. The structure was dismantled; leaving the front wall and porch area and salvaging all interior wood which will be used to finish the inside walls. Reconstruction has begun and is moving very quickly. Original dimensions and details will be copied. Reconstruction has been made possible through citizen support. For those who would like to be a part of the Heritage Center Project, making history come to life, there is time to get involved. Many aspects to this project are yet to be funded. Your contribution could help.


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